Image Audition Information
Please read and complete the following checklist prior to your audition. These steps will ensure that you are represented well as a candidate for Image.

  • Complete the Image Application in its entirety.
  • Read the Membership Contract carefully. Be sure that both you and your parent(s) sign and date the form.
  • Give the Teacher Evaluation Forms to three (3) teachers of your choice. If you are a new student to Mansfield Christian School, you may want to use your Senior Minister as one of your evaluators. All forms will be treated as confidential and will be given directly to me.
    [Should any of your evaluators not be employed by Mansfield Christian School, you should give them a SASE so that they can return the form to me directly]
  • Give the Reference Form to your senior, youth, or worship minister.  This reference should be completed by the minister that knows your personality and specifics regarding your spiritual maturity and growth.  This form will be treated as confidential.
    [You should provide them with a SASE so that they can return the form to me directly] 
  • Sign up for an audition time on the bulletin board outside the choir room.
  • Auditions will be held after school in mid to late April. Dates to be determined.
    [Applicants who wish to audition for both vocal and instrumental positions will need to sign up for two time slots back-to-back]
  • Be five minutes early for your audition. Wear something professional and comfortable. Prayer and preparation are the best cure for nerves.

Auditions will take approximately 10 minutes. This is a very brief time to make a decision for an entire year. First impressions are important. Conduct yourself in a proper and professional manner at all times.

Vocal Auditions will consist of:

• Range Exercises & Sightreading
• A Solo {with accompaniment tape/CD} that exemplifies your abilities
{There will be no accompanist to play for you unless you provide one yourself}
• Brief Interview

Instrumental Auditions will consist of:

• A Guitar or Bass Solo {you may wish to play along with a recording}
• A Piano Solo {see me before your audition for music}
• A Drum Solo {without accompaniment showcasing various styles and improvised rhythm pattern with piano accompaniment}

• Vocal Range Exercises                                                                                                                                                                    • Brief Interview

Image Application Forms



Teacher Evaluation
[you will need three (3) Teacher Evaluation Forms]

Minister  Reference


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