The SCORE is a handbook of general guidelines and procedures requisite for participation in vocal music courses.  Once you have read the information carefully, please complete and return the Contract Form for verification.

Students are expected to be present for all rehearsals and performances
Students must adhere to the attendance policy of MCS (please review the new policy as outlined in the handbook)
Performance absences NOT directly related to death in the immediate family or personal illness will be reflected in the student's grade (the doctor/parent must provide a written excuse prior to the concert date) 

Students are expected to maintain adequate focus, use proper technique while singing, show learning progress, demonstrate a respect for others, and maintain a positive attitude
Students are expected to be seated with all materials prior to the start of class
Students will observe common courtesies and proper classroom decorum
Students who damage and/or lose property of the music department will be fined for replacement cost
Students are NOT to plan on doing, nor ask to do, work for another class or event during rehearsal 
(an administrator, teacher, or adviser must contact me ahead of time)

Students must adhere to the Campus Wear Policy at all times (consider this your warning)
Students are to wear the following attire for each performance unless otherwise stated by the director:
Black dress pants
White dress shirt or blouse
Black dress shoes
Black dress socks, hose, and belt (if applicable)
Dark tie
(guys only)

Student learning will be evaluated based on classroom observations, responses, assignments, and formal/informal assessments
The student's grade will be determined by averaging the student's earned scores with those possible
Students are encouraged to work at their potential and beyond as an average benchmark

Click here for the Contract Form


The Drama Club exists to show God's love through action.  Its members learn how to effectively communicate truth through theatre arts.  Any High School student is encouraged to audition.

Students interested in participating as a part of the praise teams for weekly chapel services should sign up with Miss Zentz.

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